VolleyBlog: Week 12

by Marykay Nasby

After the difficult loss to New Haven and illness raging throughout campus, we were all eager to take care of our bodies and work hard in the gym. Our week began with a relaxing Sunday where most of us could be found in Merkert doing study hall hours with minor dance party breaks to keep us engaged and to bring life to the dull atmosphere. During the dance parties Kat is the MVP, per usual, by breaking out into interpretive dance while still keeping a steady head nod to the beat. On Monday we got into the weight room where we got bigger, better, faster, and stronger. After that we got into the gym to get our blood flowing and then had a team stretch and roll out. We then got into the gym Tuesday and Wednesday and had productive and efficient practices that got us heavily prepared for our long weekend in New York.

Thursday we had our annual Halloween practice where everyone dressed up in a costume. For the first time in awhile every class had uniformed costumes. The freshman class dressed up as a litter of kittens, and Kat was naturally the mother kitten. The sophomores brought their A-game dressing up as an instagram post by Miley Cyrus. The juniors did a little throwback Thursday to a loved T.V. series by dressing up as the Power Puff Girls. Last but not least, the seniors for the first time ever came together and dressed as different sauces from Taco Bell, and MK was featured as the Taco Bell dog.











Friday we left campus at 9 a.m. to meet Adelphi in their house, only to beat them in four sets. The bus ride down to Long Island was full of zzzzz's and odd sleeping positions. Once at Adelphi we started our warm up, and we were looking good. We got into the game with a huge start, mainly through our tough serves. After sweeping the first two sets, we came out weak in the third set. Towards the end we started to find momentum only to be disrupted by an untimely fire alarm. After evacuating the gym and crossing over into a new building we discussed our low-effort third game, and came back into the fourth set feeling hotter than ever.











After that huge win we drove to our hotel to get good rest for our game against Pace on Saturday. We came into the gym with maybe too big of a chip on our shoulders, but that had to quickly be taken down after losing the first two sets. We knew that we had to come together and play as one in order to fight back in the last three sets. Leaving New York we felt good and put ourselves in a good position for the remainder of the season.

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