IRELAND 2012: Men's Basketball Trip Blog

Blog 10: Wrapping up the tour, by Sean Lowry

Blog 9: Final Day in Ireland, by Ryan Blicker and Terell Rose

Blog 8: Touring Dublin, by Michael Accaoui

Blog 7: St. Patrick Cathedral and Trinity College, by Jack Cole

Blog 6: Leaving Cork and Arriving in Dublin, by Ryan Hayes

Blog 5: Blarney Castle Visit, by Mitch Amelio 

Blog 4: Visiting Cork, by Raheem May-Thompson

Blog 3: Tour of Cliffs of Moher and on to Cork, by Brian Hamor

Blog 2: Bunratti Castle Tour and Game vs. University of Limerick, by Sam Markle

Blog 1: Departure From USA and Arrival in Shannon/Galway, by Adam Fazzini

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